The Family Court’s Bias towards women, and why feminists should be worried

19 09 2019


The Family Court Bias towards women, and why feminists
should be worried…

As a dad (yet another ‘tearful and wholly-deserving father’,
to use the courts’ stock phrase) who’s been through the nightmare of family
court litigation, I can conclude, 3 years and £20k later, the following:

  1. CAFCASS is biased towards mothers;
  2. Judges are biased towards mothers.

There is plenty of evidence to supports both claims, and I
will not rehearse those here. What
interests me is the following question:

Why, when courts, CAFCASS and everyone else knows exactly
what is going on, do courts consistently fail to punish parties (usually
mothers) who fail to comply with court orders (only 1.2% are enforced)? Mothers persistently breach contact orders
and refuse to engage with the legal process.
They obstruct contact using the flimsiest of excuses. And they make false allegations to keep dad

My point is that the courts know exactly…

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